About Me

A little bit about me: I'm David Witten, a student at Montgomery Blair High School. I do a lot of algorithmic programming in Python, and I have written several esoteric programming languages, along with a Mathematica equivalent. I am interested in basically all aspects of life, so I have multiple blogs, not just on math/computer science.

About Mathwizurd

Mathwizurd.com will be addressing math topics, and random cool stuff such as coding algorithms. I write about every major subject, including physics, biology, chemistry, and government.


Why Mathwizurd?

A long time ago, I wanted to make an AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) account name "Mathwizard", because I am a math wizard. However, "Mathwizard" was taken, so I changed it to "Mathwizurd". I've been using that username for many accounts since, and I decided that would be my site name. 

My Accounts

  • Github- Dwizard
  • AoPS- mathwizurd
  • StackOverflow- mathwizurd

That's basically it, if you want to contact me, just write a comment, or email dwitt12345 at gmail (wrote it out so my email won't be spammed)