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Indefinite Articles

What are indefinite articles?

These are a/an, or un/una.

In spanish, definite articles (el/la) are used much more than in english, while indefinite articles are much less frequently used in spanish. 

Profession, Religion, Nationality, Marital Status.: DON'T USE

Es estudiante (He is a student).
Es mexicana (She is a Mexican).

Modifying the noun: USE IT

Es un estudiante muy trabajador. (He is a very hardworking student)
Es un católico religioso. (He is a religious catholic)

Before cierto, cien, mil, otro, medio, semejante, tal, y que ___!" DON'T USE

Hay cien invitados. (There are 100 guests)

Qué lástima!

No tener/No hay: USUALLY NOT

I have no money. (No tengo dinero)
However, if I wanted to say:
I don't have a single dollar. (No tengo un dolar).

After sin: DON'T

Salió sin abrigo.

After con: USUALLY NOT

Escribo con pluma. (I write with a pen)
Escribo con una pluma. (I write with one pen.)



Definite Articles