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Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt

It was March 30th, 1981, Ronald Reagan had just finished giving a speech to a group of trade unionists at the National Conference of Building and Construction Trade Department.

Reagan only had to walk about thirty feet from the hotel door to his car, so the Secret Service didn't think a bullet-proof vest would be necessary. Outside there were many people, such as journalists, and photographs, and John Hinckley Jr.

When Reagan got close to his car, Hinckley pulled out his gun and fired six gunshots. One hit Press Secretary James Brady and police officer Tom Delahanty, there were no casualties. Tim McCarthy dove in front of the shooter, in an attempt to block any further shots. He was shot in the abdomen. Very shortly after, Reagan was pushed into the backseat, and was driven off promptly. 

One of Hinckley's bullets bounced off of the car and hit Reagan's ribs, just under his left arm. Luckily for Reagan, the bullet had failed to explode. It had also narrowly missed his heart. He was immediately sent to the hospital.

At the hospital he famously said "Honey, I forgot to duck," when his wife, Nancy Reagan came to visit him.

John Hinckley Jr. was tried on 13 counts of attempting to assassinate the president, and due to an insanity plea, he escaped with no charges. He had reportedly done that to impress Jodie Foster, an actress in the movie Taxi Driver.

In the end, no one was hurt, and John Hinckley was sent to a  mental hospital for the rest of his life. Now, he is allowed to visit his parents a few times a week.

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