About Me

A little bit about me: I'm David Witten, a freshman at Vanderbilt University. My primary interests are mathematics/computer science. Back in the day, I used to do a lot of algorithmic programming in Python, and wrote several programming languages (most are explained in Blog). Today, I focus on writing articles about school subjects in all areas. 


At school, I'm on the math team, computer team, Quizbowl Team, and I tutor. I was also on the tennis team for the first two years of high school. (This is all found in my resume below)

About Mathwizurd

Mathwizurd.com will be addressing math topics, and random cool stuff such as coding algorithms. I write about every major subject, including physics, biology, chemistry, and government.


Why Mathwizurd?

A long time ago, I wanted to make an AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) account name "Mathwizard", because I am a math wizard. However, "Mathwizard" was taken, so I changed it to "Mathwizurd".

When I decided to make a website, I started with "davidwitten.com", "mathhelper.com"... and eventually settled to my original name "mathwizurd.com" 

I've been using that username for many accounts since, and I decided that would be my site name. 

My Accounts

  • Github- Dwizard
  • AoPS- mathwizurd
  • StackOverflow- mathwizurd

That's basically it, if you want to contact me, just write a comment, or email first name dot last name at vanderbilt dot edu (wrote it out so my email won't be spammed)


If you're interested, here's my resume.